Use of product:

Skiing, Snowboarding, and any other snowsports are naturally dangerous activities.  Even if your board is sticky, you still stand the risk of injuring yourself or other participants due to neglect, inability of yourself or other participants, or slope conditions.  By purchasing the product, you recognize that snowsports are naturally dangerous and Whacks Wax is in no way liable for any injuries, or loss of property or life while engaging in the activity, while using our product.  Protect yourself; Wear a helmet.


Whacks Wax distributes promotional items (i.e. stickers) to customers and other interested parties.  Whacks Wax does not condone vandalism or application on property other than the original sticker recipient's goods.  Whacks Wax is not responsible for any promotional items bearing its name that may end up on communal or private property other than the originally intended place.