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Whacks Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax:

We now sell three different ski waxes: a second-generation blend (WW2.0), our original blend, and a clear wax.  Check them all out and give one a try today.

All of our waxes are available in a NEW & Bigger 150-gram (5.3 ounce) size - it'll last 7-15 waxes.  

Whacks Wax 2.0 (WW2.0)

Well, we went back to the lab and cooked up something no one else can offer: a ski wax using a powder so secret that we can't tell you what it is.

But this new powder has properties similar to our Original Blend, except that it's way better at doing its "fast" stuff.  Even better, because of the new powder's properties, our WW2.0 blend is lighter in color than our Original Blend ski wax. 

Our Whacks Wax 2.0 Blend will outperform your expectations (and the other guy's snowboard wax) on all snow conditions - from fresh powder to man-made sludge and spring slush.  Whacks Wax's 2.0 blend will not disappoint.  Try our finest wax today. 

Whacks Wax Original Blend
ski wax, snowboard wax, whacks wax

This is the same Whacks Wax that you know and love. 
Whacks Wax's Original Blend utilizes a hard wax saturated with Molybdenum powder to create an unbelievably fast all-conditions ski wax.  Our ski & snowboard wax works very well in all conditions - it has been used on glaciers in the summer and powder in the winter.  It was originally engineered for cold, hard, man-made snow - after all, Whacks Wax was created (and is still manufactured) in Pennsylvania.
We sell our ski wax in a size we call the "blob" - a big 150 gram (4 ounce) chunk of our fast wax.  Each blob should last you about 7-16 waxes. Use the drop-down menu below to add blobs to your cart.  As always, buying in bulk saves money!

Whacks Wax "Invisible Blend"
Due to customer demand, we are finally introducing a clear ski wax to the Whacks Wax product line.  We went back to the lab and reverse-engineered a wax that is still super fast, but will no longer tint your base graphics. The ski wax is clear, but the speed is still in there...

The Whacks Wax Invisible Blend will still perform well on all snow conditions, just without the added supercharging of our usual black powders.  It'll still beat your buddy's all-temp OBJ, Dakine or Swix Wax...

Give your snowboard that clear coat it's been longing for.

Whacks Wax Ski and Snowboard T-Shirts!

Whacks Wax SNOWBOARD yellow shirt


The shirts are now available for sale directly through our website - we accept PayPal for payment.  Use the drop-down box to select your desired color and size. The shirts can also be purchased through our Amazon.com outlet.

 The shirts are currently priced at $16 each.


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